The Second Philippine Comicbook, Gaming and Anime Convention (2003)

by: Makkun


     Hear ye!! Hear ye!! ^_^ Welcome to your in-depth resource (asus!) for the successful Philippine Comicbook, Gaming and Anime Convention 2003!!! I have gathered as much information as I can and will be adding more soon. Meanwhile, here are some stuff which will entice you to come next year!! ^_^


If you wanna contribute anything please e-mail me. Thanks in advance!!


+ A Little Intro

+ Location

+ Events

+ Participants

+ Schedule

+ Pix!!!!! (contributed by keith-nisan and froid-nisan <-- arigatou!! ^_^)

+ Winners

+ Staff/Sponsors


A Little Introduction


     Whew! My friend (Zheey-em) and I were kinda hoping to get the free gifts as promised by the c3con staff. However, due to my tardiness and all (gomen! gomen!), we arrived sometime after 9:30 AM and boy, we're already in the longest queue ever to hit Megamall!!!! By the time we got our tickets (already 314th and 315th), time was ticking its way to near-11:00. We were kinda hungry then..but fortunately we got a bite of some softy bread (without drinks --> the fruitshake was worth 50php! huh! >_<). The bouncers were a little scary too. It made me imagine what kind of stampede might occur. Good thing their muscles were as big as my thighs..wahehehehehe...


     Okay, so we got in a little over 12:00 noon. We were awed by so many cosplayers walking about (proudly if I may add - they deserve it anyway). Hehehehe..wee!!! Really cool Ragnarok cosplayers! But of course, there were always those who seemed too excited about their costumes and people gawking at them that they kinda demonstrated the ADHD Syndrome (a.k.a --> Attention-getting Hyperactivity Disorder). >_< (was that correct?) Anywayz, we first gave the hall a one-time round to see the stuff we could grab (unfortunately, not much..hehe). There were several booths (of all kinds --> CC of course being the most popular, Independent Comics, Comic Alley, Questor Magazine, Pugad Baboy, Filbars..etc <-- mostly manga booths, posters, collectibles (action figures), VCD/DVDs, Soundtracks, the big Darna thing [ I think the Mars Ravelo booth..hehe]..etc.). We were completely starstruck!!! It was fun and we felt the excitement of everybody. By the time we got our drinks finally, there was a film-showing (the movie: Battle Royale) It was great!! >_< We got tired but couldn't find seats yet..(lots of vacant ones..err..reserved vacant ones..grrr...). It was until I'm about to break down from tiredness that we did manage to find two monoblocks. Wowish! The film was awesome!!! Kids killing each other! Weee.I like that! we sat there for sometime until some people showed up on the stage, introduction blahs..First band: Zero Percent (I recalled) and they performed three songs: Tightrope from Saiyuki, Yuuki ga Areba from Yaiba and some opening from Hajime no Ippo. So we sat there...and the show goes on...


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The Location


     As you may well know:


     The 2nd Philippine Comic Book, Anime and Gaming Convention took place on December 13–14 (Saturday-Sunday), at SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall (2).


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The Events


     ^_^ Here are the events/contests. I got this from the c3con group newsletter:

(info/regulations also included).

Best Independent ComicBook

1. Submissions may be in any size, in color or in black and white, just as long as they are in comic book format. They must be self-published (not associated with a major publisher).

2. Two copies are required for submission.

3. E-mail submissions will not be accepted.

4. Please include the following information:
a. Full name
b. Address
c. Age
d. Gender
e. School / Place of work (Optional)
f. Contact numbers

5. Deadline for submission is December 10, 2003.

*A booth will be provided for those participants who will be selling indies at the event.

Best Short Film

1. Open to individuals of all ages, male or female.

2. Subject must be anime, comic book, or pop culture-related. (You can do a music video or even spoof scenes from Lord of the Rings --- just make sure the content falls under the PG13 rating!)

3. Length of short film must not exceed 7 minutes.

4. Shorts may be in VCD, DVD, CD, .avi, mini dv, VHS, or any other video format popularly in use.

5. Contestants may get their entries back during the event on December 13-14, 2003.

6. Deadline for submission is December 10, 2003.

Best Costume

1. Open to individuals of all ages, male or female.

2. The cosplay is open category, no genre restrictions, although we do recommend you come dressed as any anime, comic book, or game character!

3. Registration will be held at the event hall on December 13-14, 2003, from 10:00 3:00 p.m.. Contestants are requested to bring with them a picture of their chosen character in the exact same outfit they are wearing. Contestants must also indicate if they will be cosplaying as a group.

4. Contestants will be given no more than one minute to perform on stage. Lucky contestants who make it to the Final Round will be given more stage time.

5. First, second and third placers will receive cash prizes and gift items. The best Culture Crash and Ragnarok-inspired costumes will also receive special prizes.

6. Since judges of past cosplay events will be participating, new costumes will be highly appreciated though not required.

Character Drawing Contest

1. There will be two categories: 15 and below/16 and up.

2. Submissions should not be larger than 8.5" x11".

3. Render the character in an action pose.

4. E-mail submissions will be accepted at with subject heading: C3 CON. Files must not exceed 300KB.

5. Please include the following information with your entry:
a. Full name
b. Address
c. Age
d. Gender
e. School/Place of work (Optional)
f. Contact numbers
g. Your character`s name and other important information

6. Deadline for submission is December 10, 2003.

Battle of the Bands (my favorite!!)

1. Open to all professional/non-professional bands.

2. The contest will be held on December 13, 2003. Bands will be given a maximum of 7 minutes to perform any anime/j-pop/j-rock/game-related song of their choice.

3. Interested bands may register by sending the following information:
a. Band name
b. Members` names
c. Song to be performed
d. Contact information through e-mail at, or by calling Mildred at 633-8277 to 79 or Ces at 475-2003 on or before December 10, 2003.

4. Bands without any stage experience must send the above information along with a demo tape.

5. First, second and third placers will be given cash prizes plus the chance to perform again on December 14, 2003.

Best Choreographed Fight Scene

1. Contestants below 18 years of age must have written consent from a legally aged guardian.

2. The use of costumes is not required but is recommended.

3. No sharp objects may be used during the fight scenes.

4. Fight scene may last from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes.

5. Please let us know in advance if you will be participating in this event by e-mailing us at or calling Mildred at 633-8277 to 79 or Ces at 475-2003 on or before December 10, 2003. Please include the following details:
a. Names and ages of all participants
b. Length of fight scene
c. Equipment / props to be used
d. Contact information

*Special note: If underage, we highly suggest having a legally aged, responsible person to supervise your practice session.

     Send entries to the Short Film, Character Drawing, and Independent Comic Book contests at:
a. Culture Crash Comics/JC Palabay Ent., Inc. 67 Gen. Ordonez St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City 1811

b. Any Comic Quest or Comic Alley branch (just make sure submission is enclosed in an envelope labeled `C3 CON CONTEST ENTRY').

Php 5,000.00 plus Premium Gift Items!
Php 3,000.00 plus Gift Items!
Php 2,000.00 plus Gift Items!

*Gifts will be finalized along with the list of sponsors.


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not up yet, sorry!! ^_^




     There are actually two versions [ err??] of the c3con programme. The first one is the official newsletter from the c3con group, while the second's from Omake Omake Anime (also a group providing anime news and conventions). ^_^ I'm a little dizzy at that time so I don't really know which one's close to what actually happened. >_< hehehe... Anywayz, you decide:


[ From: C3con]


DECEMBER 13 2003 (Saturday)
11:00 am - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
11:15 am - Opening program
11:45 am - Gallery Unveiling -- Comic Book Artists' GalleryContest registration
12:00 pm - Film showing
1:30 pm - Battle of the Bands: 1st & 2nd Group performance
2:00 pm - Drawing Contest
2:00 pm - Parade: 1st batch of Cosplyers
3:00 pm - Kubori Speed Eating Contest
3:30 pm - Battle of the Bands: 3rd & 4th Group performance
4:00 pm - Choreographed Fight Scene ContestParade: 2nd batch of Cosplayers
5:00 pm - Short film entries viewing/announcement of winners
6:00 pm - Parade: 3rd batch of Cosplayers, Announcement of all winners for the day

10:00 am - Opening, Battle of the Bands: 5th & 6th Group performance
10:30 am - Anime singing contest
11:00 am - Comic Convention (Talk and Open Forum)
12:00 pm - Short film winners (viewing)
1:00 pm - Parade: 4th batch of Cosplayers
2:00 pm - Battle of the Bands: 7th & 8th Group performance
3:00 pm - Sponsor's program: PSICOM Band Performance: Darna's band
3:30 pm - Sponsor's program: DARNA 3rd installment launch
5:00 pm - Sponsor's program: Level Up! , Announcement of Cosplay finalists
5:05 pm - Sponsor's program: Comodo Launch speech
5:30 pm - Sponsor's program: Comodo Game footage
6:00 pm - Parade: CosPlay finalists
7:00 pm - Announcement of all winners (all contests)

And FINALLY: Issue 13 will be available at the Culture Crash booth.
Sa wakas!! Here's what you'll find in the latest issue:

- Cat's Trail: as the caravans near Serpent's Pass, the mysterious Yukiko and her troops prepare to strike!
- Pasig: the battle between Dante and Isaiah escalates!
- Kubori Kikiam: a shocking transformation!
- One Day Isang Diwa: Jedd gives Jun a piece of his mind!
+ 2 special pull out posters
+ cosplay, Ragnarok articles



[ From: Omake Omake Anime ]


11:00 AM - Opening of the event (Ribbon Cutting Ceremony)
11:15 AM - Opening Program
11:45 AM - Gallery Unveiling -- Comic Book Artist's Gallery
Start of registration for all contest
12:00 PM - Start of Raffle which will continue up to 6PM (each day)
Start of Film Showing of Anime Shows
1:00 PM - Sponsor's program (TBD)
1:30 PM - Band Performance Booth Activity
2:00 PM - Drawing Contest
2:30 PM - Sponsor's Program (TBD)
3:00 PM - Kubori speed eating contest
3:30 PM - Band performance / Booth Activity
4:00 PM - Choreographed Fight Scene Contest
5:00 PM - Short Film entries viewing / announcement of winners
Booth Activity
6:00 PM - Cosplay

Announcement of all winners within the day
Band Performance until closing

10:00 AM - Opening/ Band Performance / Booth Activity
10:30 AM - Anime Singing contest
11:00 AM - Comic Convention (Talk and Open Forum)
12:00 PM - Short film winners viewing
1:00 PM - Pre-judging of contestants for the cosplay
2:00 PM - Band Performance / Booth Activity
3:00 PM - PSICOM launch (10 new titles) / Band Performance
3:30 PM - DARNA launch
5:00 PM - Cosplay finals / Awarding Ceremony
7:00 PM - Level Up! dancers
7:05 PM - Comodo launch speech
7:30 PM - Comodo Game footage
8:00 PM - Closing Ceremonies / Band Performance until closing


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     Alright!! Pix..pix...and more pix!! But first of all, I'd like to thank keith-nisan and froid-nisan for the pictures. Hehehehe..ours will be posted soon! ^_^


spoiler: I didn't rename most the pictures..hehehe..>_<










     Here's the incomplete list of the winners for the events on the convention. ^_^ My source: the newsletter of c3con, what else!! >_< Anywayz, if you know the winners of the other contests (zoom up!), please e-mail me.


Character Drawing Contest (15 below)
1st place - Renee Aurora Ysobel Estacio, `Katsuri'
2nd place - Jose Lorenzo Montano, `Kitty Divine'
3rd place - Maggie Mae Roxas, `Blooderie Yurisato'

Character Drawing Contest (16 above)
1st place - Mark Cezar, `Ven Ty Letterman'
2nd place - Christina de Jesus, `Michiko'
3rd place - Jose Mariano, `Riba'

Short Film Contest
1st place - Matrix Philippines, `The Juan'
2nd place - AKX Productions, `Pasig'
3rd place - Roderic Rodriguez, `Kanji vs. Golem'
special mention - Topel Lee, `Bruce'

Independent Comic Book Competition
1st place - Abang Guard Productions, `Nardong Tae'
2nd place - M3 Studios, `Atomic Underground'
3rd place - Hanzel Jay de Castro and Armand Canlas, `Sunrise'

Battle of the Bands
1st place - 7Thursday
2nd place - Rotschreke, Kuso Atama
3rd place - NEOtaku

Cosplay Competition
1st place - Armored Personnel Unit (Matrix Revolutions)
2nd place - Shiva (FFX)
3rd place - Yuna and Rikku (FFX-2)
special CC prize - Yukiko (Cat's Trail)

Group Cosplay
1st place - Shuyuripa from FFX-2


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