Cowboy Bebop

Title: Cowboy Bebop

Category: TV

Total Episodes: 26 (26 x 25 mins)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science-Fiction
Year Published: 1998
Studio: Sunrise


     The year 2071 A.D. That future is now. Driven out of their terrestrial eden, humanity chose the stars as the final frontier. With the section-by-section collapse of the former nations a mixed jumble of races and peoples came. They spread to the stars, taking with them the now confused concepts of freedom, violence, illegality and love, where new rules and a new generation of outlaws came into being. People referred to them as Cowboy Bebops

     Meet Spike and Jet, a drifter and a retired cyborg cop who have started a bounty hunting operation. In the converted ship The Bebop, Spike and Jet search the galaxy for criminals with bounties on their heads. They meet a lot of unusual characters, including the unusually intelligent dog, Ein, and the voluptuous and vexing femme fatale, Faye Valentine.




Cast & Seiyuu:


Animation: Ogami Yoichi
Design: Kawamoto Toshihiro, Yamano Kimitoshi
Director: Watanabe Shinichiro
Music: Kanno Yoko
Script: Murai Sadayuki, Nobumoto Keiko, Sato Dai, Yamaguchi Ryota, Yokote Michiko

Edward: Tada Aoi
Faye Valentine: Hayashibara Megumi
Jet Black: Ishizuka Unshou
Julia: Takashima Gara
Spike Spiegel: Yamadera Kouichi
Vicious: Wakamoto Norio



by: Makkun


Animation - I like the way the creator(s) designed the three main characaters - Spike, Jet and Faye (although they could have come up with more interesting names). =p Although simple, the characterizations (attitude built-up, facial expressions, fighting styles) were so well-designed that Spike Spiegel with the fluffy hair and small eyes can be as enigmatic as Tsuzuki (of Yami no Matsuei). But we must not forget that it is not only the high point in the anime. The anime has an array of interesting things. There's the bebop. And Spike's Swordfish. Different weapons, devices and ship structures every episode, Cowboy Bebop is sure one hell of an anime that will take you from the cultures of the past, present, future and beyond the darkest galaxies.


Story and Plot - 26 episodes complete with bounty-hunting, adventure, mystery, suspense and action.


Music - not much of investment in here. The anime used western backgrounds from time to time and different versions of the OP/ED songs.


Enjoyment - need i say more?? Of course, I terribly enjoyed it.


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