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  •      ^_^ This is a story created after the series. The characters have moved on to college, Chiharu has pursued her dreams and more importantly - she got back with her childhood sweetheart Kyoichi. It was alright at first. Until...


          [author: makkun] [created: 10/30/03] [category: Love, Romance]





  • A girl named Lel meets a new student named Kurama. He seems cute and innocent....But she soon finds out the shocking truth.....KURAMA IS  INDEED A DEMON! Crushed at heart she proceeds to cry nonstop in her room. Kurama wants to comfort her but can't do so without giving her an explanation. Will this friendship be forever silenced? Or will the clever demon fox find a way to break through to Lel before she dies of depression?


          [author: Kuramarosekaren] [created: 12/13/03] [category: Love, Romance]


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