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- makkun



December 28, 2004

     ^_^ Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday to Heart no Tsubasa!!! I can't believe I've been on hiatus for such a long time that I even missed updating this site on its First Year Anniversary!! ^_^ Anyway, we're back on the game, so I'll be updating a lot of pages~!!


+ Links Section, added a new affiliate

+ Anime Schedule for Local and Cable Providers

+ Opened a new page, the FanArt Section

+ New screenshots for Love Hina, episode 4


     There's still much work to be done. ^^ ahooo. I'm tired already. ^^


September 09, 2004

     Whoa! It's been ageeeees since my last update! >_< I am sorry for the long delay...! But here I am again, trying to keep up with the latest anime schedules, news and events. Check out the Information section for the anime new line-ups. I have included the Animax Schedule (which may change from time to time) as well as the "dying" anime line-up at AXN Asia. The Local TV Schedule has been updated as well, including those shown at Studio 23 and ABC-5.


     Haha! Since I've been reading a lot of novels lately, I have created the "The Schizophrenic Anime Characters 2004", check it out!!! ^___^ The Doodlings page has been updated, and more pages will be up soon! ^_^


     Two new links, both welcomed as new affiliates.


July 21, 2004

     Added two new sites, with one welcomed as a new affiliate.


June 10, 2004

     OMG! ^^ I didn't notice that HnT has recently got over 1000 hits! Thanks everyone!! Although there are still few supporters of HnT, I'm very glad anyways. I've updated the links section, and welcomed a new affiliate. I also edited the About Me Section, now forwarded to my latest blog hosting service. ^^


     That's all. Till then, later days!! XD


June 8, 2004

     I apologize for the "hiatus". I admit I've had too much stuff to focus on that for a couple of days I thought I will no longer be able to continue HnT. But look where we are now, ne?? ^^;; Lots of changes, lots of new anime line-ups on our local anime providers, new Mp3s joined my collection and I added reviews: Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Deeper Kyo and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I haven't finished the Bebop movie yet, and there's still a big pile of new animes I haven't got around watching yet. ^^;; My PC broke down in the middle of the month, and we had to fix it which took quite a long time. Nevertheless, I am still going to catch up, by hooks or crooks.


     Do you want to be a reviewer? You can make reviews on your fave/hated animes at Hnt!! Any submissions will be greatly appreciated.


     Well, that's all for now~ I hope you'll support the site by voting it at anime100. Btw, the highest rank that the site ever got is rank 52. ^^;; Thanks for those who had the time to click the banner. =p