Kare-Kano Title: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Category: TV

Total Episodes: 26
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Schoolkids
Year Published: 1998


Miyazawa Yukino has always been a show-off. She's always wanted to be Number One, to be the very best in everything, to be adored by all others. Then one day, she meets her match: Arima Soujiro, who seems about as perfect as she strives to be. But no one is quite what they seem ... for whenever Yukino goes home, off comes the "ojousama" facade - and on go the headbands, reading glasses, and sweats. Miss Congeniality is in fact a conniving, petty con-artist with a streak of absolute nerdy bliss. Of course, Yukino isn't the *only* one hiding a secret, since Arima himself isn't quite what he seems either. And these two are caught in a tennis love match that won't end until ...


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Crew, Cast & Seiyuu:


Design Hiramatsu Tadashi
Director Anno Hideaki, Tsurumaki Kazuya
Music Sagisu Shiro
Script Anno Hideaki

Arima Souichirou - Suzuki Chihiro
Asaba Hideaki - Kisaichi Atsushi
Izawa Maho - Noda Junko
Miyazawa Hiroyuki - Kusao Takeshi
Miyazawa Kano - Yamamoto Maria
Miyazawa Miyako - Koyama Yuka
Miyazawa Tsukino - Watanabe Yuki
Miyazawa Yukino - Enomoto Atsuko
Old woman - Murakami Harumi
Sakura Tsubaki - Chiba Saeko
Sena Rika - Fukui Yukari
Shibahime Tsubasa - Shintani Mayumi
Tonami - Sasaki Nozomu



5/5 rating!

by: Makkun


Animation - Mostly, the author puts his original "manga" designs, black and white depictions of each character. Then there's the "animated" figure, when Yukino becomes overhyped and turns into her "chibi self"


Story and Plot - Totally original, addictive. "Kilig to the bones"


Music - Like I! My Me, Strawberry Egg, the background is mostly the piano version of the opening, sometimes the ending, plus other strange BGM's which are very pleasing to the ears.


Enjoyment - Strangely addictive. And may I repeat, "kilig to the bones". ^0^



     Wow, this is yet another successful anime released by GAINAX. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His/Her Circumstances) or better known as Kare-Kano, is not your typical comedy-love story series. On the contrary, this is really about life: about growing up, about finding your true self. There is something strangely addictive about Kare-Kano, I just found myself watching the episodes over and over again. ^ ^


     Yukino Miyazawa can be related to any teenager experiencing the first stage of highschool. She's a total hypocrite, who enjoys deceiving people by being the role-model student: smart, well-mannered, compassionate and simply the best of everything. But when she gets home, she returns to her true self: funny, relaxed and totally overhyped. She then puts on her red pyjamas, tie up her hair, wear her big glasses and study like a freak. But what drove her into it?


     When Yukino was a child, she got her first compliment, and she felt good hearing it. From then on, she stayed up late just perfecting assignments, gearing up her body for sports and all other areas - she wanted them all, only to be complimented again. Words of praises were Yukino's cravings, her very source of oxygen.


     Yukino's life was perfect - she deceived everyone, manipulate them according to her wishes. Until that day when Arima Soujiro came into her life...


     Arima was Yukino's archenemy, her rival. If she's perfect, he's a god. When Arima first arrived, the crowd totally went crazy about him. Girls (even boys - really good-looking boys) adore him, chase him around and wanted to become his friend. Yukino felt like being mocked. She didn't want him interfering with her world. She wanted to be the only one: THE NUMBER ONE. But she could only curse him when she gets home. At school, she pretended she likes him. She put on her mask of deceit, giving others the impression that she's not affected by his sudden appearance, him taking over her throne.


     Soujiro Arima fell in love with Yukino. He thought she was like him - perfect. But like Yukino, Arima has certain deceptions as well...


     He received a love letter one day, asking him to come to the school's mini-park. Arima found it strange that he couldn't like anyone, any of the girls who wrote letters to him. He had few friends, yet none of them were able to get closer to him, to share his thoughts or feelings. He didn't have anyone he could trust his life to. Because of this, his life has been pleasant but dull...


     When he arrived, he saw Yukino standing behind a tree, watching the Cherry Blossoms. He thought she was the one who gave him the letter, but was mistaken...


     Like bombs and firecrackers, Arima laughed out...realizing he indeed fell in-love with Yukino. He revealed his true feelings for her then - only to dicover soon that she was a hypocrite. He went to her house, about to let her borrow his Brahms CD when Yukino suddenly popped out - "in her red pyjamas", kicking him like a child. (Yukino thought he was her sister!) That was when their game started to roll...Arima made her do his homeworks and paper stuff, or he'd tell everyone what he discovered about her. Yukino hated him like hell. She never thought one day she'll let someone manipulate her. Her, the Queen of Vanity.


     This scheme went on until Yukino couldn't take any longer. She told him angrily that she'll no longer be his slave, and that she did not care if he revealed her true identity. That was when Arima realized how much he'd hurt her, and how much he still loved her. The two made up and finally went together as a couple, in their journey to find their true selves.


     Yukino once said that they were meant for each other...two people wearing masks, and two people yearning for a change. The love story between Yukino and Arima is very unique. They encountered a lot of challenges on their way of change, but still they crawled up showing they can still be the role students regardless of their relationship. There are so many lessons in Kare-Kano, mainly about life, and I'm sure most teenagers will able to relate to it.


     I really enjoyed watching Kare-Kano. The humor is really, really good.


     What can I say? Well, this is one hell of an anime truly worth-keeping.


Highlight for some spoiler:

*Yukino lost her virginity in episode 18.


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