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Anime Sites:


Philippine Anime - this is the directory of philippine-related anime sites. PhilAnime has a forum as well, where you can talk to your couple otakus about anything anime under the sun..^_^


Animenfo.com - this is probably the largest source for all anime!! ^_^ Animenfo provides (like the word itself) information about the production, date releases, news and seiyuu's.


Best Anime - like Animenfo


Animelyrics - uhmm..need I say more???


The Noodlebowl - source for anime mp3s (requested) and fanfictions as well..


Fanfic.net - uhmm..ditto?




Pinoy Otaku Sites


Anime Strike - Anime-Strike is your total anime multimedia and resource website. It has anime news, information, wallpapers, image galleries, MIDIs, MP3s, videos, WinAmp skins, lyrics, ring tones, picture messages, and fan arts. Its interactive online features include forums, web chat, anime trivia game, and free e-mail services for anime fans. It also offers awards for deserving anime sites.

[ contact ] [submitted: Dec 05 2003 / 09:09:14]


Anime Gokuraku Customizable Anime DIVX - The website of the cheap customizable PC anime CDs in Quezon City. Certified by makkun.

[ contact ] [submitted: Dec 07 2003 / 17:33:44]


Stoic - Real life manga and anime style comic. A teenager's struggle with life reveals to him what it means to be truly humane and what it is to be truly human. Drawing, CG, inking, manga tutorials. Evangelion, Haibane Renmei, Lain, and original fanart.

[ contact ] [submitted: Jun 09 2004 / 05:43:05]


OTAKU Clan - Anime Clan Site!! The webmaster is pinoy but we have members  from around the globe. ^_^

[ contact ] [submitted: Jun 10 2004 / 15:01:14]


Magtibay Anime - Your Eye of the Filipino Anime to the World!

[ contact ] [submitted: Jun 13 2004 / 11:13:24]


The Philippine Anime Page - Site for the animes shown in the Philippines

[ contact ] [submitted: Jul 18 2004 / 13:58:07]


Masama Hideki - A online website about an independent komiks

[ contact ] [submitted:  Aug 27 2004 / 20:28:50]


Hidden Power - Multimedia, comics, Forums, Wallpapers and images

[ contact ] [submitted: Aug 28 2004 / 12:03:08]


Warrior Dreams - Has a couple of manga tutorials,as well as sketches and fan art

[ contact ] [submitted: Dec 27 2004 / 17:31:23]



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