Love Hina

Title: Love Hina

Category: TV

Total Episodes: 24 (24 x 25 mins)

 Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Schoolkids

Year Published: 2001

Studio: XEBEC
US Distribution Bandai Entertainment


Urashima Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart make a promise to be accepted at and to meet each other at the prestigous Toudai University before she moved out of his life. About a decade later, Keitaro has become an artist and a daydreamer, having ranked 27th from the last in the national practice exam. When his grandmother leaves the all-girls dormitory, he becomes the residential manager and soon meets up with two Todai applicants who may have been that sweetheart, since he's forgotten her name. Then there the other tenants like young Shinobu who was in despair until Keitaro helped her, Motoko the swordsmaster who sees men as evil distractions, Su Kaolla the genius child inventor and the sneaky Kitsune.

*** There were only 24 episodes of Love Hina broadcasted on television in Japan. Episode 25 was never broadcasted, but it was included in the Japanese Love Hina DVD volume 9 ***




Cast & Seiyuu:


Animation: Takami Akio, Uno Makoto
Author: Akamatsu Ken
Design: Uno Makoto, Yasuhiko Eiji
Director: Sudo Takashi, Sugitani Koichi, Ueda Shigeru
Script: Hatsuki Kuro, Ishikawa Manabu, Kawasaki Hiroyuki


Amara Su - Hisakawa Aya
Aoyama Motoko - Asakawa Yuu
Koalla Su - Takagi Reiko
Konno Mitsune - Noda Junko
Maehara Shinobu - Kurata Masayo
Narusegawa Mei - Shiratori Yuri
Narusegawa Naru - Horie Yui
Otohime Mutsumi - Yukino Satsuki
Sarah Macdougal - Kobayashi Yumiko
Urashima Haruka - Hayashibara Megumi
Urashima Keitaro - Ueda Yuuji



5/5 rating!

by: Makkun


Animation - typical characters who all look alike.


Story and Plot - Hitting around the bush all the time.


Music - Nice set of soundtracks. Too many character songs, most of them inexistent during the series.


Enjoyment - Funny, funny-romantic, funny-fantasy. Funny.



     Love Hina is your perfect mix of romance, comedy, action, adventure, science fiction and everything else under the sun. ^_^ There is absolutely something wrong about you if you go for the likes of El Hazard, Ah! My Goddess and NOT know about Love Hina.


     Love with a twist of fantasy-comedy. Strangely unique for a simple plot where a guy searches for his forgotten childhood sweetheart by entering the most difficult university in Japan, yet forgetting her name and face. Then being the manager of an all-girls dormitory, experiencing non-stop of wacking, and kicking and punching, and helping people find the lost island of the ancient turtle civilisation, with flying turtles leading him straight to the girl's side of the bath. Right. Strangely unique. ^_^ But what I loved most about this anime is the way the author adequately focused on each character. It seems that there isn't just Keitaro's promise...


     Everyone has their own escapes, struggles and promises to keep. Motoko left to train herself believing she wasn't good enough to carry over her sister's shinmeiryuu. Her struggle to know where she really belongs. And her promise to herself that she'd be the swordsman her sister wanted her to be. Kaolla left her own native place to escape her brother and sister. Her struggles between staying as a kid, and the lingering womanhood she is destined to become. And her promise - a promise to her brother that one day she'll grow up and marry him. Shinobu, she escaped her house because she didn't want to leave her home. Her struggles as an adolescent with no friends, plus her feelings for Keitaro, her own experiences of growing up (like first kisses). Kitsune, well she's still Kitsune. And Naru (especially Naru). She escaped her own home because she didn't want a new family, believing her Mom loved her stepsister more. Her struggles to pass Tokyo University, her growing feelings for Keitaro and her promise, her promise to be with him and be a Tokyo-U student. Fulfill her dreams.]


     Everyday is a development for each character. Their friendship grew deeper, discovering each other's thoughts and feelings. Fairly enough, Keitaro is such a nice guy (set aside him being perverted...well at least, accidentally). He became a part in every girl's heart in the Hinata-sou. Everyday, they discover the secret pasageways of the dormitory!! ^_^ Adventure is truly nonstop!


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