Love Hina Again

Title: Love Hina OVA

Category: OVA

Total Episodes: 3

 Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year Published: 2002

Studio: XEBEC


The OVA is known as Love Hina Again and has three parts: Love Hina Again "Kanako", Love Hina Again "Keitaro" and Love Hina Again "Naru"




Cast & Seiyuu:


Animation: Takami Akio, Uno Makoto
Author: Akamatsu Ken
Design: Uno Makoto, Yasuhiko Eiji
Director: Sudo Takashi, Sugitani Koichi, Ueda Shigeru
Script: Hatsuki Kuro, Ishikawa Manabu, Kawasaki Hiroyuki


Amara Su - Hisakawa Aya
Aoyama Motoko - Asakawa Yuu
Koalla Su - Takagi Reiko
Konno Mitsune - Noda Junko
Maehara Shinobu - Kurata Masayo
Narusegawa Mei - Shiratori Yuri
Narusegawa Naru - Horie Yui
Otohime Mutsumi - Yukino Satsuki
Sarah Macdougal - Kobayashi Yumiko
Urashima Haruka - Hayashibara Megumi
Urashima Keitaro - Ueda Yuuji



by: Makkun


Animation - typical characters who all look alike.


Story and Plot - Another girl who will die for Keitaro. Fantasy-type. Repetitive. It should have not been separated from the series. An attempt to create mystery and suspense - and failing miserably


Music - Background songs, plus OP/ED. Doesn't produce much effect.


Enjoyment - Well...*rolls eyes*



     Love Hina Again is where a new character enters the Hinata Inn - Kanako, Keitaro's younger sister who seemed to have a deep liking for him. She's also another candidate for that old promise - "meet in Toudai and we'll forever be together". It should have been simple - if Keitaro and Naru have been honest with their feelings from the start.


     So the problem - Kanako's in between the two. There's nothing wrong about Keitaro - he's deeply sure about what he felt for Naru, and all of them is already aware of it. Naru, on the other hand, still has issues to solve herself - she seemed too shy to admit her true feelings.


     And the catch - Keitaro proposed to the wrong girl! Binded by the curse of the old storage, Keitaro and Naru seemed to have been separated forcibly - for Keitaro had actually proposed to Kanako and gave her the ring intended for Naru!!! Now, the question is, would Naru be able to break the curse and finally, I mean..finally, admit her feelings?


     We grew tired that in the series, there is a slow pace on the supposed-to-be love story between Keitaro and Naru, so it wouldn't be a surprise if most viewers liked this one better, for spoilers aside, Naru was able to admit her feelings. I have also read in a forum that OAV is much better compared to 24 episodes of the series combined.


     Well, the fantasy included about the cursed storage isn't really surprising, in fact, I expected this, it being the determining motive for Naru admitting her feelings - gah! We waited for this moment, really! So when Naru said "Daisuki..suki..suki...suki!!!!!!!" ( should have known what "daisuki" means), I was like "Rar...about time". And the weird part, which also found in the Sping Special, we always find Naru and Keitaro being chased (hand in hand) by the rest of the Hinata girls in the end (after they kissed). What's that supposed to mean anyway? That, deep inside, they didn't really want Keitaro and Naru to be together as lovers? Naru had said something about it in this OAV, about it being more acceptable that they stay as friends. And knowing that both Shinobu and Motoko liked Keitaro, this is indeed a questionable issue. Whether the author wanted to express this, or it's a mere assumption by a weird otaku named Makkun ~beh~ =p.


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