Love Hina Christmas Special

Title: Love Hina Christmas Special

Category: Special

Total Episodes: 1

 Genres: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, Schoolkids

Year Published: 2001

Studio: XEBEC


     Keitaro, Naru, and the gang get caught up in the turmoil of the legendary romantic night of Christmas Eve.




Cast & Seiyuu:


Animation: Takami Akio, Uno Makoto
Author: Akamatsu Ken
Design: Uno Makoto, Yasuhiko Eiji
Director: Sudo Takashi, Sugitani Koichi, Ueda Shigeru
Script: Hatsuki Kuro, Ishikawa Manabu, Kawasaki Hiroyuki


Amara Su - Hisakawa Aya
Aoyama Motoko - Asakawa Yuu
Koalla Su - Takagi Reiko
Konno Mitsune - Noda Junko
Maehara Shinobu - Kurata Masayo
Narusegawa Mei - Shiratori Yuri
Narusegawa Naru - Horie Yui
Otohime Mutsumi - Yukino Satsuki
Sarah Macdougal - Kobayashi Yumiko
Urashima Haruka - Hayashibara Megumi
Urashima Keitaro - Ueda Yuuji



5/5 rating!

by: Makkun


Animation - *nuff said*. (read here) (and here)


Story and Plot - Not entirely original (it's somehow similar to Boys Be), but you get one heart-stopping moment when Naru is about to confess her feelings...


Music - Repeat backgounds.


Enjoyment - There are many standards for an otaku, well mine changes a lot - depending upon the anime. I'd say for a love story genre, this OAV is really good.



     Love Hina Christmas Special. Things just keeps getting better and better. Time for everyone's confession. This special concludes most of the 24+1 episodes of the TV Series. This is the time for Keitaro and Naru!!


     So what happened?


     Keitaro is obviously preparing himself for the exam. While doing so, he also works for a part-time job (no spoilers). Everyone kept bragging him about the belief that if a person confesses his love to his signifcant other exactly on christmas eve, they'd be happy forever (reminds me of that episode in Boys Be). Anyways, stupid Keitaro. Couldn't hide his feelings. Since Naru seemed emotionless towards him the whole week, he decided to confess his feelings instead. Too bad. And too early. Naru left the dorm to continue her studying in her home instead. Keitaro felt hell befell over him. Then Sara and Kaolla discovered a secret gift hidden in Naru's room with a letter saying "I have always liked...". Believing it was for Keitaro, they told everyone except our poor guy. Then seeing Keitaro all gloomy, Shinobu couldn't keep the secret, she told him then. But oh no! When Keitaro got all cemented from jumping to the roof with glee, he discovered that the gift was for Seta-san!! (Naru's former professor whom she liked immensely). Keitaro realized how stupid he was. (He looked really pathetic with his crutches). Then they got all separated. Kitsune with Shinobu, Kaolla with Sara, Motoko alone, and Keitaro ended up looking for Naru and Naru ended up looking for Keitaro. Time is running out for all of them! Yet...since it's christmas, a miracle might just occur.


     So how did it end up? Did Naru finally confess to Keitaro?


(no hidden spoilers this time)


     The special attained a degree of maturity, compared to the series and even the Spring Special. This truly is..indeed...a Love, Love Hina.


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