Ima, Soku, ni Iru Boku

Title: Ima, Soku ni Iru Boku

Category: TV

Total Episodes: 13

 Genres: Action, Adventure,Science-Fiction

Year Published: 2001

Studios: AIC (Anime International Company), Pioneer LDC


Matsutani Shuzo is catapulted into an alternate reality when he climbs a giant industrial smokestack and strikes up a conversation with an odd-looking girl named Lala Ru. The change happens when sinister forces come to retrieve her. Where is this alternate reality, and why does Hamdo's army want Lala Ru? Shu finds himself smack in the middle of an organization that builds up its army by invading villages, kidnapping young children, and training them. They try to recruit Shu as well, but they underestimate his spirit and his unbelievable ability to not give in to hate. Shu is brash and impulsive, but principled, clearly not what his captors expected.




Cast & Seiyuu:


Abelia - Yasuhara Reiko
Boo - Konishi Hiroko
Hamdo - Ishii Kouji
Lalaru - Nazuka Kaori
Matsutani Shuzo - Okamura Akemi
Nabuka - Imai Yuka
Sara Ringwalt - Nakao Azusa
Tabuuru - Suyama Akio



5/5 rating!

by: Makkun


Animation - the character design - not really amazing, but at least, the character movements are not awkward and they don't become "chibis" when overhyped and do the tazmanian devil twirlish dance.


Story and Plot - Really good. About life - the dark side of it. Fast-paced. Heart-breaking. It's as if a page was torn from an old novel and brought to life. An "eye opener".


Music - Good plots go along with Good music.


Enjoyment - *zips mouth* Just trust my rating.



     Ima, Soku ni Iru Boku, or better known as Now and Then, Here and There, is probably the most touching and heart-breaking anime I've ever seen. I kept telling my friends that this could be a hollywood box-office hit (live action of course) for: One, it has enough touch of reality in it and number two, it's an eye-opener more than anything else. I admit that you won't easily get attracted to this type. The character designs and animation are a bit childish and out-of-date, yet once you watch an episode - any episode, you'll be captivated by its originality. This is truly one-of a kind. A masterpiece of perfection like no other.


     This is a quest of a young boy named Shuzo Matsutani who was transported into a distant future where the world is in the middle of destruction. Men killing each other for survival. Earth is no longer the paradise, the haven of mankind - for water is very, very scarce and for that reason people have broken apart, wanting to end each other's race. Yet hope lingers on. A mysterious girl named Lalaru possessed a pendant which contains the water of earth. She's drifted into Shu's time. This boy, (I loved him for being so optimistic, so brave: the very symbol of pure innocence, hope and goodness) saw her on top of the pipes on his way home. He was drawned to her deep, blue eyes. Yet right after knowing her name, a group of men appeared out of nowhere and tried captured her. Shu, desperately trying to save this mysterios girl, got into the time warp himself. And there was the new world...


     The whole anime revolved around different people: their struggles and the agonies. I cried so many times, as a matter of fact ^^. Not just for the characters' experiences of pain or helplessness, but also for the hope, the will, their determination, their awakening. It has greatly moved my soul. The script was overwhelmingly good, the background music has blended with it perfectly. I gave it a 5/5 rating without hesitation. Now your turn. This is, I insist, an anime that's more than you've ever dreamed off.


Highlight for some spoiler:

*Lalaru...disappears into thin air at the end of the series and Shu went back to his own time. Sad, really. I thought they're gonna be lovers or something. Hehe. ^^


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