Sensei Makkun Presents: The Schizophrenic Anime Characters 2004


     Aloha! ^_^ This page features all the anime characters I know that are slightly/seriously suffering from the "Multiple Personality Disorder" (or now known as the Disassociative Identity Disorder). Believe me, they exist. ^____^


     In short, this section describes all the anime characters from different series that have two personalities: the host (the one recognized) and his alter (or alters, the one or ones sleeping in the dark, appearing only when necessary). But because anime is always associated with fantasy, I have also included the characters that undergo complete transformation, which is also a symptom of this disorder, although in reality, they do not go as far as physical transformation. I'm adding more in the future...meanwhile enjoy! ^___^


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Case # 1

Host: Amawa Hibiki (the guy)     Alter: Amawa Hibiki (the girl)


Hibiki, Amawa

(I! My Me, Strawberry Eggs)



     An energetic PE teacher who applied for a job at . Unfortunately the school doesn't allow male teachers, for the principal hates men. Because of this, he has decided to cross-dress. Now a man wearing a skirt, he has developed a deep attachment with the students and eventually fell an inkilng for one of the girls. Complexity occurs when the particular student has fallen inlove with him - as a woman. And with woman's garments and make-ups all over him everyday, Hibiki-sensei starts to be confused with his real sexuality.


Note: You can hardly tell the similarity. The girl look has not one manly thing in her.


Case # 2


Host: Ranma Saotome (the guy)     Alter: Ranma Saotome (the girl)


Saotome, Ranma

(Ranma )



     Training at Jusenkyou with his father, Ranma and his father received a unfortunate curse where Ranma transforms into a girl when splashed by cold water. (The "water" in his case could be symbolized by normal triggers in reality when the host leaves his spot and one of the alters gains the consciousness). Ranma has found many advantages with such curse, like eating ice cream with such glee that he's embarassed to do when he's a man. This is a case where the host typically abuses his alter ^___^


     Other characters in the same series that are suffering from the same disorder are: Ranma's father (panda), Moose (duck), Shampoo (cat) and Hibiki Ryoga (pig with a different name -- p-chan).



Case #3


Host: Mikage, Aya (the girl)     Alter: Ceres (the angel)


Mikage, Aya

(Ayashino Ceres)



   Mikage Aya belongs to a cursed family whose power, wealth, luck and influence have been granted by a certain angel named Ceres - who married their ancestor and gave birth to children, bringing forth a family whose fate rested upon her powers. But her husband was blinded by his love and the power she has given him. Throwing her celestial robe into the depths of the ocean, Mikage has succeeded in keeping Ceres from ascending back to heaven. Because of this, Ceres has cursed his family and will not stop until she finds her robe. For many years, Ceres has attempted to retrieve her robe (hagoromo) by taking over the family's daughters and possessing their bodies. Unfortunately, the Mikages killed all the daughters believed to be dwelled within by Ceres' bitter soul. But things became complicated when Ceres has successfully surfaced through Aya Mikage's body. Now Aya learns the truth about her family and was on the run, with Ceres appearing from time to time as Aya's alter.



Case #4


Host: Yukito (the guy...the bishieeeee!!!)     Alter: Yue


Inoue Yukito

(Cardcaptor Sakura)



     Inoue Yukito is Cardcaptor Sakura's brother's classmate and bestfriend. Sakura-chan likes him immensely, until one day Yukito starts becoming weak, often sleepy although he eats so much (as if he's feeding two bodies at the same time). When the day of the judgement came, everyone was in shock when the one of the keepers of the Clow Cards appeared (Yue), who's been sleeping inside Yukito for a long time.



Case #5


Host: Miho (the nextdoor kid)     Alter: Fancy Lala (the superstar)


Nakayama Miho

(Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala)



     Nakayama Miho is a nine-year old wannabe manga artist who finds a magic pen and pad. Whatever clothes she draws with the pen become real, and she also changes to fit them. Soon she decides to become an idol singer --> a sixteen year old idol singer, named Lala.


Note: A remarkable transformation. Although some people (in real life) who suffer in DID have personalities older or younger than them, this one's sooooo cool. A pop star! ^__^



Case #6


Host: Kou, Seiya (the pop star)     Alter: Kou Seiya (the sailor star soldier)


Kou, Seiya

(Sailor Moon Sailor Stars)



     A lovable guy to a voluptous girl - that's what Kou Seiya does. He (together with Taiki and Yaten) have descended to planet Earth in search for their lost princess. Beneath the good looks and to-die for voices, the trio become sailor star soldiers (women) to help Usagi and her team to defeat the evil.


Note: >.> I'd rather accept a woman transforming into a man. Not the other way around. It's creepy. Ranma's the exception. ^___^




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