LOVE HINA: Episode 1

(Total Screenshots: 118  Keitaro Hits: 8x)


     ^^Wohooooo...everyone just loves Love Hina, so I decided to put the screencaptures of each episode. Yep. It's really time-consuming, the fact that I wanted them to be as detailed as possible (excuses for non-spoiler visitors). ^_^ But before we get any messy here, I'd like to point out the fact that I do not own "Love Hina", however, the screenshots below were captured from my own copy, so even if I do not own the anime, I still claim title over the shots. Please do not copy them and upload 'em to your website, or any other place, without letting me know. My CD's are about to crash and here you are sneaking them out.


     Oh, and another thing. To make stuff a little bit more exciting (ahem..^^) I also posted the number of times that our dear Keitaro was punched, kicked and punched some more. ^^ Poor guy. Gets everything from the beautiful girls of Hinata Inn. ^^


     In this episode, Keitaro dear was punched by Naru 4 times, once by Kaolla's army toy, and twice by his aunt Haruka. Kei-kun was also hit by a rock. He got a nosebleed, so that's counted. ^^




















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