I! My, Me Strawberry Egg Title: I! My Me, Strawberry Egg

Category: TV

Total Episodes: 13
Genres: Comedy
Year Published: 2001
Studio: TNK


Hibiki Amawa is a fiery spirit hero who wants to be a teacher. He barely found the teacher being wanted at the Seito Sannomiya school. However, the president director of that school despised the man, and had adopted only the female teacher. Hibiki reacted strongly against her policy. Then, he disguised himself as a woman, took the adoption examination, and was adopted by that school as a female teacher. He became a students' popular teacher soon because he deal zealously with their students.

But, schoolgirl Fuko Kuzuha whom Hibiki met first at school felt her heart beating fast when she met Hibiki who is a female teacher.


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Cast & Seiyuu:


Animation - Yanasawa Tetsuya
Design - Fujii Maki
Director - Yamaguchi Yuji
Music - Nozaki Keiichi
Script - Kobayashi Yasuko

Akira Fukae - Ueda Yuuji
Fujio Himejima Takahashi Rieko
Fuko Kuzuha - Watanabe Akino
Hibiki Amawa (Female Part) - Yuki Masuda
Hibiki Amawa (Male Part) - Kishi Yuji
Miho Umeda - Minami Omi
Seiko Kasuganomichi - Orikasa Fumiko



by: Makkun


Animation - there is no doubt that the design for the characters is stereotyped. The happy-go lucky, the angst-y, the playboy, the tomboy, the flirt and of course, - the cross-dresser.


Story and Plot - Bwe. It's too short. Original idea though.


Music - well this one is a sure plus. I like how the opening song is played with its different versions to fit each scene. 


Enjoyment - Oh sheesh. It's mushy. It's entertertaining. It's fun, - yet it lacks depth.



     A laugh and a twist - this is the common denominator of most emerging animes today. I! My, Me Strawberry Egg is of no exception. From its title down to the issue of sexism and teacher to student, woman to woman relationships, this sure is a package worth a look - and a second look, in fact.


     What's with the title? I have no idea, actually. The logo of this anime depicting a picture of a broken egg with the man and woman signs enwtined together is not helping ANYTHING either, other than of course, from the basic fact that the protagonist here disguised himself as a woman just to be a teacher in a school clouded by the wrong impression of men. And women as well.


     Thirteen episodes to complete, I! My Me Strawberry Egg still has broader issues which were not adequately settled.


     The turn of events suggests a rather disturbing idea (if this is, truly what the author wants from the audience). First, a teacher cross-dressing. If he is bisexual, then his actions wouldn't be questionable. But he is straight. Yet his woman character showed a lot of girly attributes that would have been impossible given that he, had never cross-dressed in his life. He completely turned into a woman - and aside from little "pre-ordained" mistakes to remind he still is a man, there was such no justification for this fact. It crosses the line between reality and fantasy to such effect that renders this anime quite ineffective.


     Second, his student (14-year old Fuko Kuzuha) fell in-love with him, as a woman. AS A WOMAN. If the creator wanted a twist in the anime, he could have come up with other, more acceptable and less disturbing ones. There is no doubt that the role of Hibiki Awama as a P.E. teacher is truly amazing. He has changed the lives of each student (well at least the major ones), gave them importance, taught them value above all else, and didn't overuse his opportunity to peep into the girl's bathrooms or touch their sensitive parts. And this could be the main reason why Fuuko (or anyone) could have liked him. But fall in love? Blush everytime their eyes meet? It's either Fuuko is experiencing an "identity crisis" or she's plain crazy.


     And I'm still not talking about Hibiki falling in-love with her as well.....


     There's another possibility. Fuuko could have felt, deep inside, that Hibiki-sensei is after all, a man. But still, this assumption could be easily countered, for there wasn't even a single hint that she knew this in any way, until it was actually revealed in episode 12. All she claimed is that she love him and still did because, she's the first teacher to ever let her run.


     The attempt of the author to make Fuuko fall in love with Hibiki as a woman has successfully covered the other, more widely-talked about issue - that one where a student is actually indulged in an affair with her teacher. In this anime, there's no doubt that both Fuuko and Hibiki feels the same way, that it is a mutual affection, although nothing serious except for a few times when Hibiki had touched her and she blushed, and they almost kissed. But let's not set aside the idea that if he's not cross-dressing as a woman, the "student-teacher affair" could have existed. And the kiss wouldn't be "almost". 


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