Title: Vandread

Category: TV

Total Episodes: 13 (13 x 25 mins)

 Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Mecha, Science-Fiction

Year Published: 2000

Studio: GONZO, Media Factory


Life sucks for Hibiki Tokai. Intergalactic society has broken into civil war between males and females; he's stuck on the assembly line for war mecha, relentlessly teased by his co-workers and unable to pursue his dreams of building his own mecha one day. He finally decides he's had enough though, and attempts to break in and steal a mech for his own purposes; this turns out to be a bad idea, thrusting him into the middle of a fever-pitch space battle that brings him face to face with the enemy and launches him into an adventure that will change his mundane life forever.




Cast & Seiyuu:


Animation: Fujii Takahiro, Kawano Satoshi
Design: Kawahara Tomohiro, Kuroda Kazuya, Maeda Mahiro
Director: Matsui Hitoyuki, Mori Takeshi
Music: Iwasaki Yasunori
Script: Takahashi Natsuko


Barnette Orangello - Neya Michiko
Bart Garsus - Seki Tomokazu
Buzam A. Calessa - Soumi Yoko
Dita Liebely - Kakazu Yumi
Duero Mcfile - Tasaka Hideki
Ezra Vieil - Ohara Sayaka
Gascogne Rheingau - Asano Mayumi
Jura Basil Elden - Asakawa Yuu
Magno Vivan - Kyouda Hisako
Meia Gisborn - Orikasa Fumiko
Paiway Underberg - Ishige Sawa
Parfait Balblair - Toyoguchi Megumi
Pyoro - Iwata Mitsuo
Tokai Hibiki - Yoshino Hiroyuki



5/5 rating!

by: Makkun


Animation - CGI. It's really cool. The characters are well designed, although the "stereotyped set" - the bossy, the loudmouth, the sweet and clumsy, the tomboy...But what the heck? It's still fun, right? ^0^


Story and Plot - It keeps getting better and better.


Music - The good thing about VANDREAD's music is that it has different background songs expressing anger, fear or battle, equivalent for each scene.


Enjoyment - Whether intended for mystery addicts or sci-fi followers, Vandread is as good as it looks.



     Vandread is a mecha-based anime which was programmed with CGI animation. It was released on AXN the year 2001, and was a big hit eversince. Vandread is very unique on its own, not your usual robots doing space wars in a distant universe.


     What's really interesting about Vandread is the "touch of sexism" in it. Future Men and Women lived on different plantes, both wanting to end each other's race, without knowing that they actually used to live together - belonging to one kind.


     Men lived on Talark (Tarak) whereas Women lived on Meger. The funny thing is, although they do live separately, there are just some things that will never change, be it past, present or future.. ^_^


     Men in Talark are really barbarians. They lived a very organized life, headed by their leader who they called "Grandpa". Their planet operates on steamed machines, their race divided into classes. Their food - awful pellets that are even limited, depending on one's class. They focuced on only two things, that is to improve their mechas and defeat the pirates - the women. However ironic as it may sound, women of Meger are more advanced, and are feared by the men. (Rumor has it that women eat men's livers..really silly of them, don't you think?) :)


     Well, it's a whole different story for the women. Although they do focus on hunting all the Talark's ships, they also have time for "vanity". Really beautiful pirates, they have technologies to improve their skin, face and hair. Their food - well...they're women! ^_^ But because of their always wanting to beautify the planet, and become the best, they soon ran out of resources and had to shut down one of their planets. This seeming "nature of women to compete" forced Magno and a group of other women to search the universe for possible sources - thus, becoming pirates. Fearsome ones at that. ^_^


     Talark fears the pirates. They were known to be merciless scavengers, wiping out all the ship's contents and leaving traumatized men behind. Pathetic as this may sound, Hibiki soon discovered the true nature of women as he got himself trapped with some pirates one day when their ship was attacked...


     And this was the start of a discovery both men and women are not prepared to face...


     Vandread is one of the funniest animes I've ever seen. Although it did contain "ecchi themes", it's not as provoking like Chobits or other animes. Of course these things can be expected on the "bridge of dicovery" between men and women. The characters are interesting as well, especially the women - Meia, Jura and Dita, each representing the different faces of a woman - fierce, playful and child-like. The episodes are short, I'd have to admit, but all of them are exciting, full of action and totally entertaining - each one revealing a certain piece of mystery about the past - how it all started. Vandread is more than what you can imagine - a place of life's lessons for people who've been blinded for a long time. Man, Woman and the space.


Highlight for some spoiler:

*If you're thinking what "vandread" means, it's vanguard + dread. In this anime, the vanguard of Hibiki surprisingly united with the pirates' dreads (or battleships). Impossible, because they were enemies!'ll just have to find out how it happened and "who" is responsible for this...*


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