Vandread 2nd Stage

Title: Vandread 2 (The Second Stage)

Category: TV

Total Episodes: 13

 Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Mecha, Science-Fiction

Year Published: 2001

Studio: GONZO


Though Hibiki and crew defeated a super-huge battleship of the earth in the last of the first stage, they noticed five battleships further aiming at Mejeiru and Tarahk. And, crew of NIRVANA learnt Tarahk and Mejeiru which were their home had been faced to the crisis of Karitori ( reaping ). Travel to their home is sped up so that they may inform of the crisis. On the way, current information of the earth having been brought by girl Misty who had come to travel with them was worse than they can imagine. Hibiki and crew noticed a true fight was in the future. VANDREAD is finally changed into final system by the attack of the enemy who becomes violent more and more. Can they save their home? And, what happens to the relations between Hibiki and Dita?




Cast & Seiyuu:


Animation: Fujii Takahiro, Kawano Satoshi
Design: Kawahara Tomohiro, Kuroda Kazuya, Maeda Mahiro, Yamaguchi Hiroshi
Director: Matsui Hitoyuki, Mori Takeshi
Music: Iwasaki Yasunori
Script: Takahashi Natsuko, Tomioka Atsuhiro


Barnette Orangello - Neya Michiko
Bart Garsus - Seki Tomokazu
Buzam A. Calessa - Soumi Yoko
Dita Liebely - Kakazu Yumi
Duero Mcfile - Tasaka Hideki
Ezra Vieil - Ohara Sayaka
Gascogne Rheingau - Asano Mayumi
Jura Basil Elden - Asakawa Yuu
Magno Vivan - Kyouda Hisako
Meia Gisborn - Orikasa Fumiko
Paiway Underberg - Ishige Sawa
Parfait Balblair - Toyoguchi Megumi
Pyoro - Iwata Mitsuo
Tokai Hibiki - Yoshino Hiroyuki



5/5 rating!

by: Makkun


Animation - well, what can you expect with CGI... ^^


Story and Plot - Full of mysteries, heart-stopping moments.


Music - rock, pop, orchestral. Everything blends perfectly.


Enjoyment - Total comedy. Action. (well, it's MECHA, duh!) ^________^



     Vandread the Second Stage is much, much better than the first season. If the previous one focused on the "bridge of discovery" between men and women, the second stage is the "path to revelation". The mysteries about the ancestral planet Earth, the project of reaping (or harvest - you'll just have to watch the anime to know more about this ^_^), and Hibiki's real idendity were given the utmost importance in the sequel. The animation has improved, battle scenes are much more exciting to watch, plus our favorite "vandreads" have evolved, specially the Ikazuchi. The storylines have become more complicated as well, forcing you to be addicted, to think about nothing else but this!! ^_^


     I don't think I need to elaborate more on the story. Basically, Vandread the Second Stage is simply the continuation, with more mind-openers for science-fiction lovers such as myself. One of the most unforgettable lessons of the anime is how Hibiki turned into a responsible man. He was such a jerk before - thinking of nobody else but his safety, his life. Yet in one of this sequel's episodes, he went through an ordeal (touching one, this episode! ^_^ ), where he finally realized that what he's really "afraid of" is him not being able to protect his friends, and that his goal is to live for them, to stand by their side as they face their worst enemy - their ancestral planet, Earth. This character development is truly one of the high points of Vandread the Second Stage, and I was really moved by it. This is the perfect mix of science fiction, love, friendship, loyalty and hope - hope for survival. The will to live.


     *Salutes GONZO for yet another successful anime!*


Highlight for some spoiler:

*BC (Buzam) is actually an high-ranking officer of the Talark's government who posed as a spy to destroy Nirvana! Yes, she is a MAN dressed as a WOMAN! (really convinving disguise - Bart fell in love with her ...err...him!


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